Simple things

There is a blog that I follow it’s called A Beautiful Mess and it’s a blog about a lovely lady named Elsie who has the most magical art and handmade goods! I really enjoy her blog and her inspirational posts.

She created a simple goals project and put it on her blog for others to enjoy as well. There are several people who have posted their goals on their blogs  and I thought I would join in!

I’ve thought about these goals for a while and I think I have the perfect four

1. Learn to crochet
I don’t have anyone to teach me (any volunteers?) but I’ve always really enjoyed the look of crochet and it would be a welcome break from knitting!

2. Shop local
Andrew and I love to shop local but we don’t get to do that often. We live in such an amazing part of the country and there are so many opportunities to buy local and support our wee communities.

3. Take photos as a creative outlet
I love love love to take photos. It’s something that helps me capture beautiful moments and memories. With fall coming up I want to set this goal so I can document our first fall together and have a great creative outlet also.

4. More balance and quality lovey time with A
This is the most simple goal. I need more balance between work and play. Andrew is so good to help me slow down and take a breath but, I’d rather be able to do it myself so I remember to have fun rather than be reminded. I have to have that lovey time with my sweet Lovey!

There you have it! My four simple goals. I think they’re reasonable and they make me happy in my heart! What are you simple goals? I’d love to know!

xo – Shan


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