I’m longing for the sixties…

I finally have wireless back (eeek!) Let’s see, such a busy tw0 weeks or so I don’t really know where to start…

We lost internet-got it back- lost it again-gave up on it-went to Tennessee-got knives-got rained on-ran in said rain-fixed up the studio a little-bathed the animals-worked…a lot-talked with old friends-had lovey married time-found Hershey kisses-got lots of phone calls-read out loud from books-memorized the freckles in our eyes-sang lots of songs-slept in the car-had several cups of coffee-bought a new coffee maker, it’s my favorite green-with two cups to match-enjoyed the clouds-and been in love

I think that is an okay summary of things that have been going on. I’m longing for the 60’s like crazy. I love the idea of no digital cameras, film, fighting for rights, living in a relatively safer and quieter time, being a real hippie, not shaving and having it not be a big social deal, and wearing amazing vests with hippie head bands. Happy heart.

I’ve been promising you photos from our honeymoon. Here are a few goodies!

Hubs and I are in serious need of dinner! Have a lovely evening, friends!

xo – S


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