I was thinking…

Today I went to my friend Leslie’s house to pick up some organic eggs and tomatoes. While I was there we were hanging out a little eating yogurt and hummus, just having a good time. She noticed the time and said, “Oh! Dr. Oz is on!”  picked up the remote and flipped to the channel. Andrew and I don’t have cable so I don’t really watch any TV (refreshing) so I’ve never seen Dr. Oz. My first thought was …like the Wizard or what?

It was a show about hoarders, okay that is interesting enough. Find a hoarder, call them out, help them get rid of stuff, clean the house, give them psych help, the end. Then it transitioned into a segment about unwanted hair. Where do women have unwanted hair, etc. Then it went to a segment about “am I normal”… What?

I’ve been in my house, under my cableless rock, happy as a lark. I’m watching this show and all of the sudden I’m looking at my body like, what is wrong with it? Do I have unwanted hair somewhere? Am I normal… does that happen to me and does it make me not normal?

Whoa whoa whoa…

Back up.

What is with these shows? I don’t understand a society that has shows based on whether someone is normal or if they have unwanted hair and the game show, “how to’s” to fix yourself even though in reality, you’re beautiful just as you are. There are extreme cases, yes. BUT most everyone is just fine. I hate that society promotes shows like this and encourages women (and men) to look at themselves, find the bad, and go out and buy the product that will fix it.

Give. Me. A. Break.

There are countless other shows out there like this I’m sure… if  you’re a fan of Dr. Oz and I’ve offended you, I apologize but holy cow. I always try to be mindful of what I watch and how much of it I take to heart. For the first time EVER I’m glad I don’t have cable.

What do you guys think? I’d love to know, leave me a comment and hook me up with your opinions.

xo, s


3 Comments to “I was thinking…”

  1. We didn’t have cable for most of my childhood because the cable wires didn’t go that far out! We did have satellite on and off, but it wasn’t until college that I really saw TV shows like American Idol and stuff.

    I don’t really watch tv now, but according to our service provider we have to subscribe to the TV stuff in order to get the internet. I wonder… what they would say if I asked again?

    I only watch a few shows on TV, and they’re all on the internet the next day anyway. (After all, I surely can’t miss an episode of Desperate Housewives!) lol

    Glad you’re enjoying married life!

  2. Oh goodness, I can’t miss DH, Private Practice, or Brothers and Sisters! Thank goodness they aren’t talk shows, ha! Happy Friday the 13, I hope you enjoy it since it’s your lucky number! :]

  3. Our internet is through the phone, so the cable is lying to you, unless you do not have phone service. :) It is a catch 22… When we lived in Fl we asked for the basic basic unadvertised rates…and got a really good deal.
    We do not have cable. That means we only watch movies we rent on our tv. Or movies we own. It is not a bad deal. I find there is nothing I cannot live without….that is on tv anyway!
    Just my 2 cents. You asked.

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