Honeymoon Announcement

We have decided on Savannah Georgia! I’ve never been there but Andrew has spent a little time there. I am soooo excited! We’ll be down there for about a week and we’ll come home through Charleston, SC – my favorite city in the entire world – because A hasn’t spent much time there and I want to show him around. I swear, Charleston is like coming home before you get home! Wonderful!

I can’t wait to really see…

This lovely fountain

This Spanish Moss – I have a special attachment to it because my hair always looks like it in humid situations. I’m looking for new frizz control… any suggestions?

These lovely doorways – taking photos of doorways in cities is one of my favorites! Maybe there should be a photo series?

And of course, eating here. I love Paula Deen and I don’t think I get enough butter in my life!

We’re really excited. Thinking we’ll leave tomorrow and be gone for about a week! First time trying out Priceline.com – any ideas of where we can get good deals on hotels? Let me know in the comment section! Whew, I’m off to pack! Woohoo!

xo – s


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