I may need to vent for a second…

Our little black stove blew up today.

Blew up.

Yep, you read that right. Smoke, fire, scary, smoke detector, me screaming, Andrew with eyes wide, dogs barking, cats meowing.

It’s been a hell of an evening.

Good news? No one was hurt! AND we have 3 days before the wedding. Things are falling into place and we have been blessed with lovely friends who are going to house sit while the repair people come to fix our stove. I am baking practically all day tomorrow because we are having cupcakes rather than a wedding cake. I’m kind of excited!! I love baking. Especially if I’m feeling stressed out or down about something. Stress is the emotion of the day apparently!

Right now we are trying to keep our heads above water as we deal with pre-wedding family drama and small details! Is it like this for everyone?

xo – s


One Comment to “I may need to vent for a second…”

  1. Oh, no! I’m glad everybody was alright in the little stove incident.

    I found you on the Home Ec class list and wanted to wish you good luck with your wedding this weekend! Yes, it’s all about the little details from here on out, but it will all be over soon enough. Then you’ll have so much free time on your hands, you won’t know what to do with yourself! Enjoy it!

    Look forward to getting to know everybody better in class.

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