Oh, hello!

I think my new favorite thing may be spending time on the back deck with Andrew. We keep finding ourselves out here. I love creating memories on accident in a place that you don’t go to on purpose. *content sigh*

Those are my favorites, content sighs. How about you?

I think love might be the most fun emotion in the whole wide world. I totally dig that it’s not always sunshine and roses. I dig how it’s real like that. I love the highs and lows… the new and old. So much to feel, see, experience, smell, touch. Wow.

Never did I think that I would be blessed with such a love. Not just romantic but every kind. From agape to ahavah. Do you know what I mean? From selfless to friendship to romantic and beyond. How blessed are we to have this emotion!

I like to think that even though we are basically born into evil, love is there to pick us up and put us on the right path. Love is there to guide and hold us… show us the way.

I can’t get enough of it. How it’s expressed in art, song, poetry… how it pours out or how it’s teased out. How it teaches us about ourselves and others. Gentle and hard. Soft and rough. Light and dark. It’s always there.

To quote one of my favorites: Love actually is all around.

Love might be the emotion that there is the most movement in. When one is in love, it makes everything like magic. Magic that – if it’s real – does not fade. It does not go away, it gets deeper and more beautiful. If one is heartbroken from love there is much movement in that as well. So much to learn about yourself when you’re heart broken. How do you deal with loss and pain? How do you self sooth? How do you begin to heal… how do you know you are healing?

Some call love a curse, some call love a thief but, she’s my home.

As for me, I’m learning. As always. And even in the lowest of lows am grateful and excited to be loved and be able to love freely.  Love is my home.

xo – s


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