More Art Journal Lovelies!

So, Flickr has let me down. I can’t upload any more photos there until the 1st of June since I’m not paying for it. Wah wah. So I’ll show you all some pages here. Take that Flickr!

This batch was incredible freeing! It was great to take some of the pain I’ve been feeling and use it to produce beautiful creations.

14 days. Two weeks until Andrew comes home. Praise God. We’re fairly undone over it. Waiting and patience has always never been a strong point of mine. I’ll be so relieved to have my other half home with me.

I’ve also set a new goal for these two weeks: do yoga/pilates every day for at least 30 minutes. I’m pretty optimistic about this. Yoga helps me get emotions out and, at the risk of sounding cliche, does help me to become more centered. It’s a good time to pray and focus on being in the moment. Often I find myself scattered and stressed rather than relaxed and ready for things. I’m looking forward to focusing energy into something super productive. Plus it’s good for my body! Woohoo!

I’ll have more photos to share tomorrow. Dad and I went up on the parkway to Jack’s last night. Gorgeous.

good night for now. xo – shan


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