Night Owl

I really am a night owl. I work best at night… professionally, creatively, theologically, philosophically…etc.

I kinda dig it.

Tonight I’ve been thinking about the mountain. I love it up there. It’s my favorite place to be, up high, away from the valley. Away from everyone, the bustle of the cities, car fumes, honking horns, industry, box stores, distractions.

You enter a new world when you’re on top of a mountain (not just because of limited oxygen). You wind up, climbing foot upon foot, increasing altitude, away from it all. To (in my case) familiar but exciting and unknown places. You see, you can go to one place in the woods and know it by heart. It’s the same. Constant. But, you never know what you’ll find. Maybe you’ll meet another hiker along the trail and in turn make a friend. You bond with strangers when you’re out in the wilderness. Maybe you’ll see a fawn or a wee fox. Maybe you’ll see an owl or a hawk. You just never know what you’ll run into. So it can be the most familiar place, like home, but still with the mystery of the unknown.

It’s quite brilliant actually.

I thought I’d share a few photos of my home away from home. Where my heart truly lies – among these trees:

Doesn’t that just make you happy in your heart? I’m longing for the high peaks and strong oaks.

Goodnight my dears. Xo- Shan


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