Oh, discoveries

I went to NOC today with Erin to give them info about LJ. We had a blast. She’s great, so fun to go on a road trip with. Especially when you get to get the heck out of the office and see other people. We ate at a charming place called Cork and Bean it’s like a wine/coffee/crepe place. Kinda great.

I’ve always only had a dessert crepe, even when we were in Paris. It made me happy in my heart to try something new. Avocado was involved, just saying.

While we were walking I had to take a couple of snapshots (of course), forgive the quality, my camera phone isn’t up to par with Ira.

I love love love the yellow table and chairs! I’m going to have to have some in my house. Fo sho. And the green door just made me happy in my heart!

Happy Thursday, friends.

xo s


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