One Day Without Shoes

Today is the day! We go without shoes all day if possible in order to raise awareness for the kiddos that don’t have shoes.

TOMS Shoes is putting on this event – they provide a pair of shoes for a child in need when you buy a pair of their shoes. It’s kind of a great system. I have two pairs and ordered a third pair which should be here today! They are super light and way comfy. Should you need more support than they offer there is room to put inserts in to increase the comfort level. They’re totally worth your money, not only because they’re precious, but because you’re essentially buying two pairs. One for you and one for a sweet baby that needs a pair too.

I’m going barefoot for as long as I can – hopefully all day. And I hope tons of people ask me why so I can tell them all about it. There are several people in my office that are doing it too! Woohoo!

Join me and thousands of others today, if you can, if only for a few minutes and help raise awareness for those kids that have been barefoot for too long.

xo. s


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