Epic Fail.

My day for St. P’s was probably the worst in the entire world.

Well, maybe not in the WHOLE world but it was up there. For real. So, Mr. Horton and I are going to try and have a re-celebrate party on Friday. May it be more successful than the actual day. Sans drama, tears, heavy times/thoughts, domestic violence, crazy people, and just a totally shit time.

God is good all the time. God is good all the time. God is good all the time.

Sometimes even repeating that to yourself doesn’t quite cut it.

On a better note there is a blog I follow by a kid named Joshua Longbrake. I’ve never met Josh(ua) but I’ve been following his blog (yeah, total stalker) for a while and I really enjoy his writing/photography. Tonight I surfed my way to his page and laughed until I cried. You should check it out.

No really. You should.

And with that I’m off to bed. Perhaps I’ll start to “Haduken” things myself.

xo- Shannon


One Comment to “Epic Fail.”

  1. I miss you! Where are you?

    Cooomme baaaaaaack!

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