So, I’ve been published.

Okay, I submitted a couple of photos to Smoky Mountain Living for their issue honoring the 75th anniversary of the Parkway. I was thinking, eh no big deal… I’m proud of these but heaven knows I’m  not a big wig with photography. So days went by and I forgot about it and life went on. Until…

The advertising director, Greg, from Smoky Mountain News contacted me about babysitting. Of course, I can’t because I hardly have time to breathe but that is besides the point. He asked me about my picture and if I was a famous published photographer. I said sadly, no. He asked me about my photo and I said yeah, that was one I submitted. He paused (for dramatic effect) and said girl, you’re in. Come by my office and I’ll give you a copy.

I flipped.

I mean that is so amazing. So Andrew and I went down to SMN and he hooked us up with a copy of the magazine. And there it was. 1/2 page with my name also.


So I’m over the moon. I’m actually really proud of myself. Which honestly, never really happens. Woohooo! How cool is it that I was able to have a picture honored in a magazine that is local – which I totally dig – but moreso the issue is honoring my favorite place, quite possibly, in the world? I mean really.

Here is the picture for your viewing pleasure:

Smoky Mountain Living Publish

xo – Shan


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