At the park

You know, I love the park. The swings especially. They’re totally my favorite. There is just something about being able to run to the swings, hop on and take off into the nothingness. It makes me feel like a little kid again… not that, that’s hard for me… but that is beside point.

Andrew also digs him some swings.

Kind of amazing.

only love is all maroon.

My best friend, Marlana Lee Bourey, that’s right, Marlee. I went there.

Anyway. She has started her own blog. Kind of like this one (woohoo!) but different. I think she’s only doing it for lent. But I want her to keep it up (cough cough). I love her brain. You should mosey over and check it out if you get a second.

For serious.

It’s great.

xo – S


One Comment to “At the park”

  1. holy crap.

    you are the coolest kid around, you know?

    shannon suzanne mimms. :-p

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