Cheers, Darlin’

I don’t have much to say tonight. It’s more of a reflective time for me right now. After the loss my family has gone through and the random waves of grief I’m very quiet. It’s funny to me how we can be quiet in the loudest times of our lives. I love teaching Pre-school. My kids and my peers are such a huge part of my life – they saturate my life with love. I will be leaving them tomorrow. My last day teaching at Long’s is tomorrow. Wow…

My last day of teaching is tomorrow.

That’s heavy.

I will be working at the Lake as a Marketing Specialist come Monday. I’ll finally be in my field and honoring my degree and the time/effort/money/bloodsweatandtears that went into getting it. I’ll be a Marketing Specialist.

Marketing Specialist.


I’ve always read that it’s easier to be the one going than the one left behind. I don’t disagree with that statement…adage, whatever. But, it’s a scary thing to leave the familiar, safe, and comfortable for a wild adventure. Of course, that’s what I like, a wild adventure. I’ve always said I don’t want to live a mundane life, I want a life that is full and rich with people and places and experiences and love and lessons and adventure and and and…

So here I am. Leaving safety and comfort for unknown and crazy. A job that I know and that I’m good at to a job that is an experiment to see if it’s really what I want to do.  A non-profit to start to benefit my community. A lot of things to think about and pray over.

Trust your journey. That’s my mantra right now, I kind of hope I’ll always be able to use it and to never lose the magic of that statement. I hope that as I grow I can merely add on to it.

I’m excited and terrified all at once!

So, cheers darlin’, here’s to a wild adventure.

xo – s


One Comment to “Cheers, Darlin’”

  1. hey girl – it is scary to leave the comfortable – believe me — I KNOW!!! you saw it first hand!! I’m proud of you for being a risk-taker – for not settling for “comfortable”. LOVE the pic at the end of this entry – wide open road – my fave song a few years ago was “wide open spaces” – not a huge fan of country music but for some reason it fit where I was “at” – okay – later :)

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