Trust your journey

The interim boss at work, who I completely adore, gave me a gift today. It’s a coffee mug that says “Trust Your Journey”. We talked about how about a year ago we both would have scoffed at that phrase but how events in our lives have shaped us to believe in the power of those words.  Not to mention our shared love of God, kids, and coffee.  Trust is something I struggle with at times. I really struggle with it in my relationship with God. I love this mug simply because it reminds me to trust the journey He has laid out for me. Trust Him. Trust His unfailing love and His faithfulness. Thanks, Nicole. You inspire me and this gift will not only remind me of the things previously listed, but also of you.  Of what you bring into my life simply by being a presence. Even when you’re in Africa in that amazing rain jacket ;-) You mean a lot to me friend, and this gift really touched me. Thanks for sharing your stories, patience, and love with me.

xo – shan


One Comment to “Trust your journey”

  1. wow, thanks Shannon. I think we share the same struggles…. but do remember to trust the journey because the author of your journey knows way more than you and I (hard to believe, huh?). Remember this song too: (well, you need to get Libby to help you remember it first!!) “The fruits of the spirit are…. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control” – what a list, huh? At least we can never say we aren’t challenged…. you’re going to do great – wherever you are – you have a soul that seeks God and you are willing to struggle through the muck and the mess of life and learn…

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