So, are you going to use that moist towelette?

Tonight my mom and I decided to have a girls dinner. We went to our favorite seafood place in town, Maggie’s Galley. They have the best crab legs in the world. Well… at least in the mountains.

There has been quite a lot going on with my family (internal and external forces alike) recently and we’re all struggling in one way or another. My mom and I are similar in the way that we get bogged down and we tend to stay in our own bubbles. We haven’t spent much time together recently and tonight we were able to reconnect.

Tonight we talked. We laughed. We cried. We told stories, we delved deep, we revealed secrets, we quoted movies, we mocked situations, we made light of heavy things, we blew off steam. We came back together.

Mom and I have a great relationship, she’s my best friend. Despite everything I go through or that she goes through at the end of the day we are always there for each other. I’ve had several people in my life comment on how different and, in their words, strange my relationship with mom is. I just have to smile to myself and secretly disagree with them.

It’s amazing what a plate of crab legs and the resulting prune-y (spell?) fingers can do for two girls.

xo, mom ♥ shannon


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