I love Minnie Mouse – she’s my favorite. Ever.

It used to be Tinkerbell; then I watched Peter Pan again and decided her attitude was terrible and that Minnie was much more deserving of the “favorite” status in my life.

As you know, or I hope you know by now, I teach pre-school to a group of Kindergarten bound 4 & 5 year olds.  One of my sweet girls (we’ll refer to her as ‘K’) knows that I love Minnie. She came in today and gave me a huge hug and a kiss and announced that she had a surprise for me. She pulled out a page of stickers, most of which were gone, that was apprised of Disney characters.  K pulled off the Minnie sticker for me and slaps it on my shirt and told me in a whisper that she “sabed it just for you, Miss Shannon- because it’s your faborite and you lobe it”.

That made my heart smile and I even wore it to a super important meeting today hehe!

Here we are in our glory – Minnie is kind of hiding – but that’s okay, we knew she was there. And I’m sorry but, how precious is that little girl? I mean, yeah. I love it!

xo – S


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