The Cake

Tonight my mom and I decided to make The Cake. Okay, it’s not called ‘The Cake’ it’s actually called the Hot Chocolate Cake but, it’s so much better than the original title. This cake is like the most delectable, mouth-watering, divine taste of heaven you’ve ever tasted. No really, it is.


That and the fact that I went running tonight and am about to undo everything that I did by eating this cake is the beautiful for today. I mean, I’m just sayin’.

Did I mention that we’re watching the Biggest Loser while we eat the cake? Yeah. We are.

I make this crazy awesome frowny face that throws off a lot of people with just how frowny it is. The other day at Panacea we were trying to figure out who the heck I inherited this great skill from.

me ^


mom ^

We did a lot of laughing but, we didn’t come to a conclusion.  I think Dad’s is my favorite, it’s something about the beard, haha!

We’ll say the smile is from both though. Maybe I’m the freak of the family with the random frowny face. I’ll take it!


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