I took a break yesterday for a personal break down. A few things weighing down on me came crashing down and it was a very emotional afternoon/evening.

It’s hard to stop and think about what could be good when you’re in a moment like that. For me, it was my friends and my Father. When I’m down like that I have to let God carry me and hold me up so I don’t sink entirely, which He did fabulously. I love that we have a God that rises to the occasion. I’m still hurting and processing and trying to make sense of a lot of it, but the beautiful about that is I can look up and give it to Him for a while -because I’m one of those kids, you know the ones that give it up for a while and then snatch it back to worry over…again. Making God roll his eyes at us. Yeah. One of those kids.

Have a good day friends.

xo. shannon


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