If you can peel an apple…

I love knives. I have a Gerber that I carry around in my pocket, her name is Clementine. I’ve had it since I started college, it’s my favorite. My dad found a couple of Browning knives he had lying around that he meant for Christmas presents but forgot about… naturally. I fell in love with the folding knife. It’s perfect. And, it’s Browning. I love Browning.

For me to get this knife I have to peel an apple without breaking the skin. So, the knife is in my possession but the challenge to keep it looms over me… it all sounds very epic, go ahead, roll your eyes. The beautiful today is the knife which I will take a picture of later; with the apple peel I will successfully get off  in one piece. That’s right, I have confidence I can do it.

Until the peeling begins…

xo. S


2 Comments to “If you can peel an apple…”

  1. I love my Kershaw, and I love that you love knives as well. So this is awesomeness.

    Good luck with the peeling challenge.

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