No, really?

Okay. Today Michael and I went to the lake to take pictures because it’s iced over and gorgeous. I totally thought that would be the post today. Until I did pilates.

The beautiful of the day is not so beautiful, more like hilarious. Let me regale you all with my tale…

…I got a pilates and yoga kit a while back while I was in Walmart (get off me, I had just gotten out of the gym). I’m walking around the store with my workout clothes on with these dvds in my hands thinking I’m pretty cool,”that’s right I just got out of the gym, but I’m going to get these to do at home, mhmm.” Tonight,  I finally opened the pilates dvd. I love yoga, I rock that dvd but pilates is like yoga on crack. I have mirrored doors on my closet – great for when you’re a girl with tons of clothes and can’t pick out an outfit- not so great when you’re trying to seriously work on your abs while doing pilates. I’m really getting into this workout with the awesome dorky purple great terrible smelling stretchy band when… I look over and see myself actually doing it. I got so tickled at myself, on my pink yoga mat, with this stupid purple band, in my pajamas, with my hair all over the place, red in the face, trying to breathe when I’m supposed to and with my arms and legs in weird positions. I had to stop because I was laughing so hard! So here I am, sweaty/red in the face/sore (already), still chuckling to myself about how ridiculous I looked while attempting to follow this workout cd.

I mean, really.

So there it is. Maybe tomorrow if I can move I’ll put up some pictures of the lake today. If you ever need to laugh at yourself just do pilates in front of the mirror.

xo. shannon


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