On love


I’ve been thinking about different types of love over the last few… well, years of my life. A very good friend of mine tonight was talking about how she believes love is a decision. She thinks we make a choice to love some one and when we make that choice we live with what comes out of it. Good or bad. I debated over that statement and came to the conclusion that I don’t totally disagree with what she’s saying but, I have a few relationships in my life that I cannot choose to love or unlove someone. I love them and that is that. Not just my family, but old relationships & friendships. I think self love comes into play here too. It’s a choice to love yourself. But in the end I think everyone wants to love who they are, and if that means they have to change in order to fulfill that, they do so. This comes from my relatively sheltered 23 years of existence.

I’ve had one thought rolling around in my head for about six months or so, courtesy of Bon Iver’s song Re:Stacks, it is the last line from the song. “Your love will be safe with me.” To me that is how love should be. Family love, God’s love, friendship love, romantic love, animal love, etc. I asked a few of my friends what that statement meant to them and a very few could come up with much. One of them said, “I think that is a big promise to make.” One said, “I like that idea but, I’m not sure it’s possible.” One said, “That’s the way it should be.”

To me love should be safe with those that you choose to give it to. My love, for instance, is safe with my best friend. I trust that it is. Just as I can say with complete confidence that her love is safe with me. I think it is a big promise to make, but if you make it with care and you keep it, can be one of the most rewarding things you can experience. I want to be someone who is able to love without holding back. Someone who can share love with those that need it. To give it freely… not in such a way that it is not genuine or invaluable, in a way that means something.

The beautiful tonight is love and the song Re: Stacks. I’m going to encourage you to listen to it and think about what the phrase, “your love will be safe with me,” means to you.



One Comment to “On love”

  1. Hey girl – thanks so much for the beautiful scripture you left on my blog – it was what my soul needed to hear..

    About your question about love…. well, it should be safe I agree… but, I guess the reality is – we are human – and that makes it all complicated. We usually do the best we can – but add in fatigue, hunger, illness, etc… and we can be ugly. That’s the beautiful thing about Jesus and what I keep learning….. people WILL fail me – it’s a guarantee – BUT GOD WILL NOT. So, I still love… unfortunately, however, not as openly or fully or “unguarded” as I did when I was younger. But, I think (at least I try) to be careful with people’s feelings and not expect a whole heck of a lot – becasue, we are human…. which is why we need Him….

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