After a failed attempt for coffee…

Dad and I wanted to hit Panacea – a local coffee shop, one of my favorite places in town – today after work for a cup of coffee and quality time together. We got there and I suppose because of the snow and the cold it was sadly, closed. So we decided to go down town to Mast General Store and look around. I left with two Columbia fleece shirts by the way, which makes me happy in my heart, and dad got some gloves. Now you have to understand, if you’re not from here, our community is very outdoorsy. Mast is focused mostly toward the woodsy demographic so while I was shopping today I stumbled across this little posting:

I love that they have this up in the store next to the survival rack. I mean, really. My favorite one is “never feed or trust wild animals”. Oh Mast, thanks for your humor and infinite wisdom.

I love my town *happy face*

For those who were wondering, we did finally end up with coffee from a local bookstore. Not as good as Panacea but the journey was worth it.

xo. shannon


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