After a 4 day break…

I have been remiss. We went to Indiana to visit Auntie and of course, I had no access to internet while I was there and have been too busy until now to catch up. So, here I am. Back in business.

While we were visiting there were the most random emotions running through me. I was extremely joyous to be up north (which never happens, usually I grouse and complain because there aren’t any mountains and “who could live here anyways? it’s so horribly flat”), I was able to enjoy the landscape – whoa – seeing family was very refreshing also. Do you have someone in your life who is like balm to your soul? My Aunt Sandy is one person like that for me. I’m fortunate enough to have more than one person like that in my life, but this time seeing her was exactly what I needed. I was also really sad. Obviously. Auntie’s health, as previously stated, is failing. She is in a lot of pain and keeps saying she doesn’t think she is going to get well, which is not an easy thing to hear.  I was also confused about a few things going on in my life that I can’t quite figure out.

So obviously it was an interesting trip. Good, but interesting. One reason I’ve elected to do this 356 thing is because I get bogged down with life. I get in my own head too much to see what is going on in the outside world, I don’t like that about myself but there it is. This is one way to break out of that, even for a moment. The point is for me to find something beautiful in the everyday, no matter how the day is going. Good, bad, benign, or otherwise. Here are a few shots from the trip:

The picture I’m holding in the first picture is one that my dad gave to Auntie a few years ago. There are 6 birds in the picture representing our family of 5 and her as the sixth. He said that even though we’re far away she can look at that picture and think of us. My dad is not a touchy feely/sappy person, so it was a huge deal that he took the time to pick out the picture and that he put the thought into it for her. While we were there I was missing my dad and I was sad about Auntie, I had forgotten that the picture was in the living room and when I saw it I knew that, that had to be the beautiful of the day. The other photos are just things that made me smile, especially the snow. I love snow.

Today and yesterday were things that I couldn’t take pictures of. Merely feelings. Yesterday I visited my alma mater, WCU, it was so nice to be back on campus. I got to go into my old dorm and see my favorite buildings. Memories came flooding back and that is just such a great feeling.

Today I was with my kids in my classroom, just me and them which I must admit is when some of my favorite moments with them occur, and we were dancing to Owl City. Fireflies is one of their favorite songs, they know the chorus. Can you imagine 14, 4 & 5 year olds spinning around singing the chorus to that song? Yeah. That was an amazing moment. Especially when you hear “planet earf turns swwwwooollly”. That’s part of my life, and I love it.

What are some of the beautiful things in your life?


One Comment to “After a 4 day break…”

  1. Love the blog!!!! Great idea to take a pic every day and I am a weee bit jealous of your Canon Rebel!!!! I especially loved hearing about the kids singing and dancing – it’s been the highlight of Jake’s time in your room…. well, that and the painting…. and Ms. Libb’y’s nap song….and, and, and….

    Glad you got your time with your auntie and wow, how mature of you to realize already that you get inside your head too much and you need an outlet for that. Took me until…. oh, about last week to figure that one out for myself!!

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