Let’s begin

So, part of my new year resolution list is to take a picture every day. This way I have 365 pictures (perhaps more) in order to preserve moments/memories throughout  my year. I recently acquired a Canon Rebel Xsi, it’s black and beautiful and lovely. I have named him, Ira. He shall be the main venue for picture taking, however, today we start off with the silly camera in my phone.

Tonight, I went to dinner with my mom and a friend. We had ate at Carrabbas and we went to see “It’s Complicated”. It was probably one of the best movies we’ve seen together in a good long while. Mom and I laughed until we cried which always constitutes a good movie. Anyway, I digress – I had a pomegranate martini with dinner.  For those of you who know me, I love pomegranate anything, but in the form of a martini… *heaven*. Furthermore I was carded which always tickles me. Though some would say that even though I am, 23, I do in fact look as though I am 16. And so we begin with the first picture of the year:

Cheers! Here’s to many more to come!


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